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Sundog Wins Gold!

Crooked Water Spirits is honored and humbled to be awarded a Gold Medal for our Sundog New American Gin at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition!

Sundog is our version of “Summer in your Mouth” and Heather refers to it as the “Gin Converter”. Sundog has 1/6th of the juniper berries of its counterpart, CWS’s Abyss. London Dry Gin is typically the first gin you tried that tasted like pine needles … can be a love or hate situation. With substantially less juniper berries, our Sundog graciously allows the other botanicals to receive some recognition for once, like grapefruit and orange zest, coriander and lemon grass. Perfect with tonic or seltzer topped with a citrus wedge. Or get fancy and try the Crooked Martini being showcased at Victors on Water in Excelsior. We have sampled this cocktail all over the Twin Cities with phenomenal reviews. Think Sundog gin, grapefruit, Bittercube Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters. Summer happiness indeed-happy cocktailing!

– Keep an eye out for us at Victors on Water on July 19 when Crooked Water Spirits does a BAR TAKE OVER!

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