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About CWS

Let our spirits raise yours.

Crooked Water Spirits creates all products adhering to these three fundamental traits: Quality, Innovation and the Experience. We are dedicated to delivering products that exceed expectations while pushing the envelope with unique recipes, cask finishing, aging and more. We are committed to high proofing all our spirits for the best experience and taste. Want a lower proof? It’s up to you to water it down, not us. Revel in our line of spirits that are distinctively unique to heighten your drinking experience while raising your expectations.

About Us

The Story

Heather began thinking how she could do it differently, after a memorable experience in 2013 trying a gorgeous local small batch craft spirit. This micro vs macro approach was dazzling and inspiring. It was like the difference of having a strawberry or tomato out of the garden verses buying from the store. This realization of how craft could be inspired Heather to set out and create a line of spirits that are approachable while raising expectations. It's with this commitment and enthusiasm, Crooked Water Spirits continues to grow.

The Story
Whiskey Glass Up Close


In 2013, Heather interviewed several distilleries throughout the Midwest and came to partner with award winning Yahara Bay Distillery in Madison, WI. At that time Nick, the owner, had been in business for over 8 years and had time for Crooked Water to get on his still. No training here, Nick knew his equipment inside and out and how to work with us to create our complex and unique recipes.

CWS continues to chose partners that have the commitment to quality and the ability to allow CW to scale. Currently, CWS partners with Yahara in WI and Panther Distillery in MN to distill and age various products.


Meet The Team

Heather Manley
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Founder and CEO, Heather Manley created CWS in 2013 based off an infatuation for spirits and love for growing idiosyncratic brands that radiate life, values, quality and passion. It was a passion for spirits and innovation that lead her to create Kings Point, a Port Cask finished bourbon with each barrel selling out within days. Since then, Heather has continued to create and release non-traditional award winning vodkas, gins, bourbons, apple brandy and ready to pour cocktails. Welcome to a new way of drinking, you deserve it.

The Team
Taresa Sawh
brand manager
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As the Minnesota Brand Manager for Crooked Water Spirits, Taresa’s role involves overseeing the brand's growth in the state of Minnesota. She is focused on building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, such as distributors, retailers, and industry influencers, to increase brand awareness and drive sales. She’s available for any inquires regarding product location, on-prem/off-prem tasting events and organizing unique customer experiences.

Rhett Ambrose
creative director
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Rhett is a highly accomplished Creative Director with over 25 years of experience leading successful campaigns for top brands. He has a natural talent for visual storytelling and a deep passion for creative expression. Outside of the office, Rhett finds solace in the great outdoors, where he enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring nature, most often in the BWCA. Rhett's ability to balance his work and personal passions has led to his success as a Creative Director and has earned him a reputation as a thought leader in the industry.

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