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All Day Alma!

Color us impressed. We scheduled a brunch at Café Alma on Saturday and stayed for the cocktails. The interior of Café Alma is gorgeous. Clean, sophisticated with sprigs of luxury. I ordered the Heirloom White Corn Grits, a perfectly done scoop of grits with spicy pork ragu and braised kale that reminded me of the full flavors summer gardens are capable of achieving. But we’re in winter…which makes this dish even more welcoming and special. Topped with a fried egg, the decadent yolk oozed over everything, as it should. I have to admit, I may have blacked out and not totally sure I chewed, so anxious to continue the explosion of flavors happening. The perfect 1st cocktail was the carrot mimosa. Clean, light and with the right amount of healthy to trick yourself into thinking you could start every day like this. I then doubled down and ordered the Starry Night and the Frosted Gimlet. Both visually gorgeous and equally as tasty. We currently have our L’eau Grand Vodka, Sundog Gin and Abyss Gin being used in various cocktails at Café Alma. We could not be more proud to be a part of their cocktail menu and will be sure to return for more soon … very soon. In fact, we decided next time it’s “All Day Alma," starting with brunch, moving to dinner and ending in one of their 7 gorgeous newly opened boutique hotel rooms for the night. Cheers! – H

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