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Crooked Water Cocktail Book: Vol 1

We are wrapping up the last 100 copies of our Vol. 1 of our Crooked Water Cocktail books we released last year! Women are greatly unrepresented in the spirits and hospitality industry so we partnered with 11 MN local woman currently slaying it in the mixology scene to highlight their stories and showcase some gorgeous cocktails they created with our award wining spirits. Fun fact, Trish Gavin just won the Charlie Award last week for 2020 Outstanding Bartender in the Twin Cities at Lat14 - go check her out!!

You can score the book via our SWAG section of our website, over 60 recipes and only $5! Any portion above break even goes 100% to supporting women in the hospitality industry. Enjoy the book and be sure to snap a shot of any drinks you make with the hashtag #PinkiesOut #CrookedWater #TimeIsNow

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