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Tasting Room To Go!

Crooked Water has created two tasting kits in response to COVID, solving the problem on how to share the story of CWS safely. Volume 1 and Volume 2 each include 5 50ml spirits and a special QR code you scan with your phone that will take you to a 30min "on-demand" delightfully awkward tasting with me, Heather, the owner and creator of all things CWS. We will walk through the story of why I started CWS, the route I've chosen and why, and how I came up with each product - from idea to execution. At roughly $24.99, these make stellar holiday gifts for family and clients. After the holidays, we will continue to produce these until retail stores open back up for tastings.

We only made a limited run of these kits so if you are interested in purchasing, it is highly suggested you call ahead and reserve the kits to make sure they are waiting for you when you arrive. As always, thank you for your support and have a safe and wonderful holiday season! XOXO - Heather

You can find these kits at the following local retail stores:

Ace Spirits - @acespirits

France 44 Wines & Spirits - @france_44

South Lyndale Liquors - @southlyndaleliquors

Kowalski’s - Woodbury & Shoreview locations only - @kowalski's_markets


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