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Lets Negroni! CWS launches 2nd Ready to Pour Cocktail

Hey Minnesota! Greatly appreciate the overwhelming support of our ready to pour Negroni that launched November 2019! From liquor stores to hotels, we are grateful for the love and kind reviews. Our Negroni is made with our multi-award winning Sundog New American Citrus Gin (aka nominal pine notes), a proprietary sweet vermouth blend we created with a small winery in California to ensure high standards and developed our own bitter orange liqueur. High end ready to pour with no compromises. She’s a little bitter, a little sweet and always lovely.

Limited release to Minnesota only!

Score the Negroni here: South Lyndale Liquors, Hums, Lake Wine & Spirits, select Kowalskis, Richfield Liquor (Shoppes location), Red Lion Liquors, Harbor Wine & Spirits, Wayzata Wine & Spiirits, Stinson Wine Beer & Spirits, Central Ave Liquors, 1010 Wine & Spirits, Lowry Hill Liquors, Cedar Lake Wine Company, Shorewood Liquors and many more. Your store doesn't have it? Just request it and you'll have it within a couple days!

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