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Abyss Takes Gold in Denver and Silver in San Fran

Looks like our award winning Sundog (Gold in San Francisco's World Spirits Competition 2017) was looking for some award-winning companionship. And done! We are thrilled to announce Abyss took home the Gold at Denver's International Sprits Competition AND Silver at San Fran's World Spirits Competition! Our London Dry Navy Strength Abyss Gin has received some humbling accolades since we released it in late 2015 and we continue to be in awe by the love. Deep in flavor with over 14 botanicals, we wanted you to feel like you were walking in the middle of the woods while sipping this ballsy gin. Think rosemary, cedar berries, wild cherry bark and tons of aromatic cedar tips. This gin was made for gin drinkers with 6lbs of Juniper Berries per batch. #PineNeedleFacePlant Check out our updated map on how to score or order though our online option and have it delivered to your house-we can't really make it any easier. Also note, you can always ask you fav liquor store to order just one bottle for you of any of our products. They will be happy to do so and there is no additional cost. Happy cocktailing!

Abyss Gin, London Dry

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