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Minnesota Business: Most Likely to Succeed - Time to vote!

This is some flattering news! Crooked Water Spirits has been nominated and is on the ballot for Minnesota Business’s annual Most Likely to Succeed competition for startups and new businesses. Wow!

Winners of this People’s Choice award will be featured in the November 2017 issue of Minnesota Business. Woot woot!


The polls will close on July 20.

The voting process is open to friends and admirers of Crooked Water Spirits, but not to its employees (boooo). Therefore, the way to win is to get the word out to our network of followers to vote for CWS (yeyyyy!).

Rules and Such: One vote per person and per IP address. You can find further information on this via MB’s website FAQ page.

How the Heck did this happen? Minnesota Business sought nominees from their networks of associates, including Minnesota Business (Real) Power 50 honorees, Young Entrepreneurs and others. The idea for this competition came from the founder of a startup who told them that they needed to have a people-driven event, not one decided by a blue ribbon panel of judges. So … here you go!

Thank you for taking the time to quickly VOTE and support CWS!

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