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Kings Point Port Cask Bourbon-Available Again!

Gig is up! We’ve got a secret. We softly relaunched our Port Cask finished Kings Point Bourbon July of this summer. Quietly and unassuming, since our initial launch in late 2014 and barrel releases throughout 2015 resulted in sold out support and folks wanting more ... which can be good (when you have more) and bad (when you don’t!).

Now, with an established barrel program, we are launching a set amount of barrels every month of this award winning bourbon (Silver at the Global Spirits Awards in Vegas!). We begin with, as always, our straight single barrel bourbon and then finish it in 8yr old port casks from Portugal. The port cask brings a softness to the 90 proof bourbon, without affecting the profile. This results in a crazy smooth, well rounded bourbon. A score for bourbon connoisseurs looking for something unique, Kings Point is delightful straight up or in a classic Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

Picked up from our distillery in July, distribution has been happening since August. If you would like a bottle, be sure to ask the Manager at your liquor store to order you one or fav restaurant to carry – it’s as easy as that. It takes a village! We hope you enjoy Kings Point as much as we do and thank you for the ongoing support and kind words. Lots going on and tons to share in the upcoming weeks/months!

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