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Crooked Water Goes National! Well, ok, 5 states but that's awesome!

Ok- cats out of the bag! Super proud be apart of Walmart's #MadeInAmerica initiative via their #WalmartOpenCall last fall. Walmart is a strategic partner in our multi-state expansion and through transparency we have scaled with integrity adhering to our mission to under promise and overdeliver. Walmarts support allows us to expand quickly into markets where we know our products will resonate with consumers and we look to continue our expansion within those states. As of June 1, you can find us in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota via Southern Distributing, Wisconsin via Capitol Husting/All-State and California via LibDib. We are so humbled by the support we have received, it takes a village to be successful and we want to thank you all who have been there for us via support and as brand ambassadors. Cheers!

Check out Walmart's LinkedIn post here:

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