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Manley's Old Fashioned takes Gold! Woot Woot!

We are honored and humbled at the attention our Manley's Old Fashioned has garnered over the last 12 months. Since our launch in November 2017 we have received numerous awards and nationally recognition for this delicious elevated ready to pour Old fashioned - including a recent Gold Medal at the North American Bourbon Whisky 2018 competition!!

I created Manley's after years of prebatching various cocktails at home for parties - allowing me to focus on the moment, not making cocktails. Our ready-to-pour is different from most others due to our commitment to quality. We only use a minimum 2yr old Bourbon (often older), Demerara and partner with the classic and irreplaceable Angostura bitters. We also use a splish splash of Bittercube Orange Bitters, just in case you don't have an orange on hand, you still get that essence critical to a classic Old Fashioned. More of a Minnesota style (not sweet), this bourbon old fashioned is bitter forward, meant to slowly dilute over an ice rock (MN Ice anyone?), coming out of the bottle at a solid 75 proof. The refusal to concede on quality of ingredients leads to a superior product and delightful elevated sipping experience.

Find us in over 500+ stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, California and Florida! MN, we have many preferred partners that carry all our products like France44, Ace Spirits, South Lyndale Liquors and North Loop Wine and Spirits to name a few. The best option, just ask your favorite liquor store to order you a bottle. You get it in a couple days and it opens a new line of distribution for us - a Win Win!! For 2019, we are releasing several more elevated ready-to-pours, so keep an eye out.

From managing the party libations with ease to the perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer, here's to enjoying the holidays with family and friends in good taste!


•Gold 2018 North American Bourbon Whisky Competition

•Silver 2018 Denver International Spirits Competition

•Silver 2018 American Craft Spirits Association

•Gold 2018 New York International Spirits Competition

•Gold 2018 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition

•Double Gold 2018 San Francisco Design/Package Award

•Silver 2018 San Francisco World Spirits

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