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Regatta Rye - Limited & Rare Release

Rye Junkies Unite! I finally gave in to the pressure to make a unique rye whisky. This batch of Crooked Water's Regatta Rye is a 3.5 yr rye that I finished in aged rum casks that I imported from Barbados. These barrels literally looked like they could have come from the movie set Pirates of the Caribbean (can you tell which 2 are Regatta in the barrel picture?). Only ONE barrel released in 2018 (270 bottles) with 3 local partners- rest to follow in 2019 and on. You can score this rare beauty now at France 44 (tasting and bottle signing on on Dec 13 5-730 pm), South Lyndale Liquors, Ace Spirits and after Thanksgiving at Red Lion Liquors and North Loop Wine & Spirits!

The perfect exclusive holiday gift for the rye connoisseur. Happy Holidays!

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